Glassbeam offers two different types of Service Analytics modules.  For pricing information, please contact your Sales Executive:


Service Features Advanced Premium
1. Proactive & Predictive Alerts
2. MapView™ Dashboard
3. Environmental Analytics
4. System Health Check Dashboard
5. Remote Access & Troubleshooting  
6. CMMS Integration for Unified Workflow  
7. Adhoc Analytics to Author New Dashboards  
8. Build Knowledge Base to Improve Clinical engineering efficiency  
•  Feature Descriptions

Proactive & Predictive Alerts

        Daily morning emails with proactive and predictive alerts based on anomalies detected in the machine logs using advanced Machine Learning (ML) and                  Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms; Separate proactive emails and SMS alerts when issues are noted based on Rules, AI/ML models.

    2. MapView™ Dashboard

Maps all assets in one geographic view to easily visualize machines that are in critical state (red), warning state (yellow), and all ok state (green). Service              engineers can drill down to look at vital parameters per modality. They can also plot historical trending of multiple parameters to understand any correlation.

    3. Environmental Analytics

        Includes analysis of sensor data (sensor package cost and installation PS separate) to tap into telemetry data for Compressor power, room humidity, water            inlet and water outlet temperatures, and include trends in same dashboards with related machine log data attributes to drive correlation and root cause                analysis.

    4. System Health Check Dashboard

Snapshot summary per Asset detailing its health parameters with recent error codes and issues identified (if any), along with recommendations as applicable          to resolve these issues; Dashboard also lists all system configuration details along with temperature and voltage trending (for MRI and CT Scanners)

    5. Remote Access & Troubleshooting

        Allows Service Engineer to remotely log into a Scanner and diagnose issues on-line before going on-site saving precious hours and costs. This functionality            currently works with GE imaging modalities such as MRI and CTs.  Future roadmap includes other manufacturers and modalities.

    6. CMMS Integration for Unified Workflow

Combines CMMS and machine log data to report accurately on key service KPIs including Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), First Time to Resolve (FTTR),          Part Replacements, and Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR); Views offered per Asset or aggregated values per facility or entire IDN network; Auto case opening            in CMMS system based on machine data signals.

    7. AdHoc Analytics to Author New Dashboards 

        Allows software license for Glassbeam Workbench™ (Powered by Tableau) to play with all parsed data from machine logs, environmental data, CMMS data            (and in future any other data inputs into Glassbeam) to create rich dashboards on-the-fly; Glassbeam team can assist in creating dashboards as well.

    8. Build Knowledge Base to Improve CE Efficiency

        Allows Software license for Glassbeam Explorer™, Glassbeam Log Vault™, Glassbeam Rules & Alerts™ to access to all machine logs and perform adhoc                  search & analysis, identify error patterns, build & deploy new rules to create centralized knowledge base and become more proactive & predictive. Specific            descriptions for Glassbeam software applications are noted below:
  • Glassbeam LogVault:  This application allows access to all raw files that have been received by Glassbeam.  The files are indexed by various identifiers such as product name, serial number, date and time stamps, etc. 
  • Glassbeam Explorer: This application allows users to do full text and parametric search on event & other logs, configuration files, text files etc. Capabilities also include digging deep into one file or a bundle of files or several observations of the same file with ease, and helping isolate events across multiple files and events. 
  • Glassbeam Workbench:  This application allows users to play with structured data that has been parsed out by Glassbeam platform.  The user interface provides rich functionality to drag and drop dimensions and measures onto a canvas and analyzes inter-dependencies across the entire installed base to answer complex business questions.  Output can be visually translated into graphs and charts, and can be published for wider consumption with user base.
  • Rules & Alerts: Rules & Alerts application allows a Power User to create, test and publish new ruled into Glassbeam platform to take proactive and preemptive action on incoming data.  Specific alert can be triggered as a manual event to register the condition, email specific set of people, or open a case in a CRM system like

Glassbeam Service Analytics

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